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Willie Marsh

Red Wing Black Bird

The pandemic became a shut down in March of 2020. The kids came home from school and stayed home for 18 months.

Remote learning can be tricky. But, Vanessa and I have businesses which allow us to be home for our children. We were fortunate to be in a position to stay home and stay working.

Water Lily

To work effectively in a flat, you need to get the kids out fairly regularly. Since my work is done primarily outside (without the need for wifi) I take the kids out of the house. (Oh, and I enjoy the company of children.)

A friend of mine posted pics of their kids on maintained bridges and flat trails. Turned out they went to Willie Marsh in Gloversville.

My youngest was 4 at the time. Willie Marsh is close to home and right for young humans.


Canada Goose Family

We went so many times over the summer.

It's easy to stay distanced there (with the exception of the bridges). The kids and I went many times. Then I suggested to Vanessa we should go together without kids. Izic kindly agreed to babysit. I even took Izic. He managed to run around the trail 3 times by the time I made it through once. (In my defense I was stopping to take pictures.)

There are more pictures than I can fit here so I made a gallery. Check it out here.

Wild Iris


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