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Regional Light Styles

When you have an open contact form on your website you are asking for trouble. I'm still growing my business and I don't have a ton of inquires about my art through my website contact forms yet. So, when I got an email notification from a woman named Janene about how pretty my pictures are, I was wary at first. I had to re-read the email to completely understand that I was being invited to show my work at a local art gallery.

Janene Bouck is the curator of the SVAN Gallery in the Northville Public Library. The Sacandaga Valley Arts Network is celebrating their 25th year in operation. Their mission is to promote the arts in the Southern-Central Adirondack region.

The timing of this request was pretty impressive, as I had just taken a group of shots of flower bouquets Vanessa bought for teachers for Valentine's Day. February is the most time one can have from blooming flowers in my region of the world, so I was missing them.

I set up one of my studio lights in the kitchen. The flowers were in a vase (of course) so I held them with my knees, sitting on the floor, to hold them steady while I shot. I had to ask my youngest to not step too hard near me because it jostled the blooms. Shooting macro photography makes wind an enemy. The slightest movement can cause blurring.

I was invited to this show with two other art photographers. We all have slightly different takes on nature photography and the combination highlights our individual compositional choices.

There is an artist reception Tuesday May 3rd 6 - 8pm. Janene, in addition to being the curator, is also a photographer. She's invited all interested to visit and partake in the Photographer's Jam Session she is offering. So if you have a camera you'd like to play with, bring it! We'll have refreshments as well.

Because this collection of images is hanging at the SVAN Gallery, I choose to keep them out of my shop until the show is competed on June 2nd. A portion of all sales from this show goes to SVAN to support the work they do for artist in their area. Once completed I will have the original framed prints available for sale individually, or as a collection ready to hang.

You can preview the collection on my instagram page.


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